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„Bochum did find now the first Hostel in the whole Ruhr district.“ „Rauda Khazzoum is imperturbable: „I believe that the backpack tourists also come sometime in the Ruhr district.“ And therefore it opened the first district Hostel at the Nordring. When the learned social female worker and Betriebswirtin was looking through a women magazine one year ago, it branched to her formally: „I wanted to make something, what wasn´t there before.“ You can find a Hostel in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne, at the Ruhr however actually not yet. Which could have possibly also a reason. Hostels are favorable overnight accomodations for young travellers, who want to remain only in each case for short time. It expects a sleep place in 2 to 5-Bett-Zimmer, a community shower and a single kitchen. But the overnight accomodation costs also only 30 Marks - pension or hotel rooms is clearly more expensive. The Hostel Aleppo, named after a city in Syria, is certainly also a hotel. The 33-years old Bochumerin directs at Starlight visitors, business travellers and those humans, who are travelling through the Ruhr district because of the cultural benefit. The Hotelwing (earlier Oberste Ufer) was arranged completely new“.


„Maintained bedded.“ „Whether businessman or tourist: Between Rhein and Ruhr various possibilities are offered of finding an appropriate hotel room. Young humans with limited budget have other opportunities: Inexpensive overnight accomodations, which have style, are RSR. With the Bochumer hotel Aleppo is it changing now. It is the first guesthouse in the district, which is Hostel and Design hotel at the same time. Beside simple rooms for 2 to 5 persons the exquisit arranged premises are available for elegant staying overnight. "I found it simply exciting to offer both categories. „So a lot of different humans can come together“, describes the owner Rauda Khazzoum her self-willed concept. With overnight prices between 30 and 135 Marks this might probably work. Also Bochumer can come in to the Aleppo-Café for some cosy hours“.


„With bag and luggage. In the first Hostel of the district one finds accomodation favorably.“ Young Wan Kim is Korean. And football fan. As well known no way is too far, to support your crew for this species. When Kim heard of the WM testgame South Korea against Turkey in the Ruhr Stadion, was the decision for the student living in Manchester fast pleases: let´s go to the Ruhr district! But stay overnight where? The flight was already expensive enough. Thus it applied to hold at least the lodging in the affordable framework. In the InterNet it became finally founded and posted a room so far the only Hostel in the Ruhr district, the Aleppo. The Aleppo at the Nordring is existing now for nine month. Rauda Khazzoum can not weight about missing tourists. The backpacker tourists are still missing, but now, families, Businessmen and craftsmen in the lodging. Reason are the favourable prices. There are single rooms for somewhat shier contemporaries; who however gladly in society is, can find accomodation in multi-bed bed. Also Kim posted in five-bed bed, remained however alone. Can also occur. And one give it in the Aleppo in addition free of charge: a historicalpregnant view on the neighbouring Bergbaumuseum. „Exact the correct accommodation for me“; Kim said smiling, which weak undecided of its crew probably forget already again. „and for the money it is really good created. So it doesn´t matters that bath and WC on the corridor.“ People which love comfort there are eight nice hotel rooms. Those are more expensive, but signed with three stars, and you don´t have to walk in the middle of the night sleepy through the corridor to get to the toilet. One thing is egual to Guests from Hostels and the hotel: for the Aleppo team are all the same, although they pay differently much. And all are treated „sugar-sweetly“, as Khazzoum formulates it. „thanks for everything!“ Kim called still and disappeared. First home then to the next soccer game.


„Bedless in the Ruhr district?“ „Breakfast with view of the structural steelwork in Paris is that almost priceless. You can see the tower of the Bochumer Bergbaumuseum if you drink youre coffee in the Hotel Aleppo, the new hotel on the Bochumer Nordring. Owner Rauda Khazzoum in their small and fine Design hotel, created eight rooms high-standard: brightens walls, beautiful woods, original light (exspecially oriantal designed is the Aleppo room). Far away from the carpetdeserts of big hotels and the shoddy serviceoasis is this here a temporary habitat which did come up. But this describes the attraction and the concept of the house only to the half. In another towns they are often just as established as written off: Hostels. who is with the backpack on the way, who travels on smaller feet for instance to things housing search, than culture -, Interrail or commercial travellers, the small "s" appreciates hotel and thus this favorable alternative in the word. A bed in the two to five-bed rooms (including kitchen , bedlinen, community bath and tipps to going out) - which one needs more? ...staying in Bochum is now like in a real huge city“.